Saturday, October 4, 2014

2014 Cressy Singlehanded Qualifiers

Day 1

Gusty west winds, often exceeding 20 knots, challenged all sailors and volunteers. Initially, races were delayed as a result of strong winds causing anchoring issues with the race-committee boat.

As races began, it became clear there would be extensive separation between those finishing at the front and those who struggled with the heavier breeze. The last-place boat of each race often finished more than 10 minutes behind that of the first-place boat.

All Loyola Academy sailors fought hard to overcome the breeze. Fin Elliott, the only radial representative of LA, steadily improved his sailing throughout the day, finishing the last race of the day with a 2. R.J. Porter, Will Flocco, and Graham Post represented LA in full-rigs. R.J. started the day with a bullet, and continued the day fighting for second-place with fellow competitor, Dirk Phelps, of Traverse City Central. Graham Post and Will Flocco gradually improved their standings throughout the day, but had issues with the heavier breeze.

Day 2

After the first day of racing, R.J. was the only LA sailor still in contention for a qualifying spot to Nationals. Winds on the second day remained extremely gusty out of similar directions. As a result of fighting hard, so hard to the point that his ankles were blistered by the hiking strap, R.J. pulled off second-place, earning a spot to the singlehanded-nationals later this year in Washington.

The remaining three LA sailors all improved their standings throughout the day, while unfortunately being too far behind the top sailors to catch up in the points battle.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

2014 Red Hat Regatta - Grosse Pointe, MI

Day 1

Moderate winds, coming off the shore, made for flat and shifty conditions throughout the day. As the day advanced, wind velocity decreased while the direction maintained, resulting not only in shifty but also puffy breeze. Later in the day, the winner of each race would be the boat that reached the "new" wind first.

R.J. Porter, skipper, and Gaby Ahlstrom, crew, succeeded in their tactics game, while having trouble at the starts. Out of five races, R.J. and Gaby finished with two 1st's, a 2nd, and two 3rd's.

Fin Elliott, skipper, Clare Perry sailing as light wind crew, and Owen Hall as heavy wind crew, continued the trend of fast sailing, until faltering in B division races 3 and 4, as the wind died. Fin and Owen sailed the first set together, wind around 12 knots, receiving a 1st and 2nd. Clare subbed in for Owen as the wind died, crewing for Fin during the last three races. They scored a fluke 9th, a 5th, and a 1st to complete the day on a high note.

Day 2

For the second consecutive weekend, light winds disallowed racing on day two of the regatta. Scores added up, Loyola Academy finished second in the regatta, qualifying for the Great Lakes Championship later in the season while coming short of first by 8 points, not earning a spot to this year's Coast Guard Invite. Loyola Varsity is now aiming to qualify for the Atlantic Coast Championship regatta in two weekends, during Autumn Classic at Chicago Yacht Club.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

2014 Kick Off Classic, Day 2

Light west winds, of 1-3 knots, cancelled all races for the day. Standings from yesterday hold to conclude the regatta.

Loyola Academy A finished 5th, Tom Griffin skippering, Kelsey Donohue and Jack Sanders crewing. Graham Post finished 5th in radials. Edward Flocco finished 4th in fulls.

Full results can be viewed as followed:

420, both divisions:

Laser Radial:

Laser Full:


Saturday, September 6, 2014

2014 Kick Off Classic, Day 1

15 knots from the north and lumpy 3-5 foot waves made for, at least initially, an exciting day of sailing. For the first few sets of races for the 420s, and for the first four races for the lasers, the described conditions held. Then, the wind died. Yet the waves persisted.

After three sets, Loyola A, Tom Griffin skippering, Kelsey Donohue and Jack Sadera crewing, was sitting in 5th, out of 22 teams. Their B, Amanda Byrne skippering, Owen Hall and Cynthia Rodriguez-Huspen crewing, struggled in the heavier breeze, but improved when the wind died down.

Loyola was represented in the Laser fleet by Graham Post and Fin Elliott in radials, Edward Flocco in fulls. Graham post did very well in the initial heavy wind, but struggled when the wind died down. Fin Elliott had the opposite issue: overpowered and slow in the breeze and fast in the lighter breeze. Out of 17 boats in the radial fleet, Graham sits in 5th while Fin currently slots in at 7th. Edward currently sits in 4th place in fulls.

Lighter wind is expected tomorrow; looking forward to another full day of racing.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Baker Nationals (May 24-25, 2014)

Nine Loyola sailors traveled to Seabrook, Texas for the team racing nationals.  Again the team competed in Flying Juniors (FJ).  Saturday’s weather was perfect for sailing.  The racecourse was set, boundaries for motorboats placed, and a police boat to patrol the area.  Racing conditions were so perfect, the course was not adjusted all day.  Loyola raced in 11 races, winning 3 losing 8, qualifying for bronze round at the end of the day.  Every race was impressive with the team being in the fight until the finish.  The race committee managed to get in an impressive 66 races on Saturday and again 36 races on Sunday.  Sunday was another perfect day for racing, and the course was set in almost the exact same orientation.  Loyola was involved in a battle for 9th through 12th in the bronze round.  They sailed an impressive day winning 5 races and losing only 1.  Their place in the regatta came down to the last race in a battle during the final leg.  The team was losing around the leeward mark, managing to fight back and win the race.  In the end they won the bronze round finishing 9th at nationals.


Illinois Satate Champs (May 17-18, 2014)

Loyola sailed two teams.  The regatta went seamlessly with perfect wind.  They managed to sail 9 races in each division and 18 races in total on Saturday.  That was enough to conclude the regatta, and no races were sailed Sunday.  Loyola sailed a great regatta that came down to the last race.  The team managed to place 2nd overall and a great last regatta to end the season.

May Madness Regatta (May 10-11, 2014)

Loyola took three full teams to Pewaukee, WI.  It is a great regatta to bring many club and JV sailors because the spring season is filled with so many varsity regattas.  Saturday the wind was light and shifty.  The race committee manages to pull off three full rotations after having to abandon many races because of severe changes in the wind. By the end of Saturday LA was seated in 8th. Sunday the breeze was still shifty but a little heavier. Three rotations were sailed sending Loyola into 9th overall.  It was a great regatta, and a big thank you to the Griffin Family for housing so many sailors.